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When your marketing group works with Prest, you'll feel confident that the content you produce is supported by effective design. And experience shows that when marketing and design work well together the result is positive experiences for both you and your clients. By applying time tested design principles to every piece of content, Prest can help you achieve a creative quality of work that gets results.  


Visual Identity + Logos
Brand Strategy
Competitor Research
Design Systems

Digital Design
Responsive Web Design
Digital Ads
Email Design
Icon Systems
Social Content

Print Design
Direct Mail
Annual Reports
Editorial Layout
Packaging Labels

Art Direction
Campaign Strategy
Design Auditing
Environmental GD
... and yes, Logos


Per Project

Ideal for marketing teams that need a designer for a single project and want to know exactly how much they will spend to have it delivered.

✓ Know the exact cost of a project upfront.

✓ Detailed contracts are provided so you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

✓ Projects are divided into phases to ensure work stays on schedule and deadlines are met.

✓ 24hr response time to all inquiries and requests.


Perfect for marketing teams who need design content on a monthly basis, but don't want to hire a full-time designer.

✓ Receive reliable design assistance without having to hire a full-time designer.

✓ Get quick responses to inquiries and requests.

✓ Have peace of mind knowing design help is available throughout the month.

✓ Receive detailed monthly time reports.

✓ Pay a fixed amount each month without worrying about fluctuating design fees.

$2000 / light month
$5000 / normal month
$8000 / full month


A three-week course specifically created to train senior management to recognize quality design and in turn lead teams with creative confidence.

Launching November 2022!

Want to deliver better quality designs to your customers?

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